Waterfront Stables offers a variety of riding programmes that begin with basic horsemanship (balance, horse control) to more advanced skills for different styles of horse riding from Dressage, Show Jumping, Cross Country, Western (American) riding and trail riding. The school is open to all ages. We are open daily to the public for horsemanship and riding classes.

Open (Sat & Sun) (10am – 5pm)

Youth Programme:Yellow Ribbon

A 6 lesson course for kids aged 6-13 will introduce your child to ponies and horses in a safe, fun, and friendly series of six classes taught by qualified instructors. Each class contains a riding lesson as well as a horsemanship lesson where students will learn to handle, groom, and care for ponies and horses.

European Level 1: Blue Ribbon

12 Lesson Prorgamme for first timers to teach the very basics of horse riding. Upon completion will receive a certificate from Waterfront Stables endorsed by Kenya Horse Association.

By the end of the programme a Level 1 rider will be able to:

– Adjust stirrups and girth from the ground; put reins over horse’s head.

– Mount safely and correctly from block or ground, picking up reins correctly.

– Exercises at the halt.

– Demonstrate halt-walk and walk-trot transitions.

– Demonstrate change of posting diagonal when asked.

– Keep straight on rail and across the school at walk from B to E or E to B.

– Change rein on the long diagonal (eg. FXH) at trot.

– Walk and trot over single ground poles and a group of 3-4 trot poles

– Show correct way to hold a whip or crop.

– Demonstrate single hand (overhand) reining at walk and trot.

– Transitions (halt, walk, trot) with single hand reining.

– Safely carry and move a long object such as a dressage or buggy whip, flag or sword, at the walk and trot.

– Drop and retake stirrups at the walk.

– Identify and maintain safe distance in group while riding and halted.

– Demonstrate overall authority, safety and confidence.

Western Riding: Red Ribbon

Western riding is recommended for people who want a comfortable riding experience. The Western saddle offers more comfort than the English saddle, and Western riding only requires the use of one hand on the reins.

European Level 2: White Ribbon

An intense 10 class course for certified level 1 riders aiming to improve their horsemanship and riding skills. The curriculum covers basic seat position, single-hand reining, games skills, canter work, introduction to drill work, introduction to jumping, and longeline work.

Rates and Lessons

Price: Ksh500/lap